Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

fuzzy logic rice cookerEverything around the corner is getting smarter with every passing day. The pace of technology impacting our lives and entering into our homes is becoming faster too. Earlier a part of the computer and Math labs, the subject of artificial intelligence has now become a part of our cooking too. These days a number of machines are available which act on the principles of artificial intelligence and provide a lot of features to the users. These machines tend to understand the human behavior and their inability to stick to a routine. Hence, they allow for the variations in the perfect behavior and provide a window of little uncertainty. A very good example of a kitchen appliance with the artificial intelligence is the fuzzy logic rice cooker.

Let us understand the ‘FUZZY LOGIC’ term:

The term fuzzy logic comes from the computer science field. The term stands for the logic which understands the terms such as ‘almost’, ‘more than this’, ‘hotter than that’, ‘slightly dry’ etc. This means that the logic tries to make the cookers understand the human behavior in a better manner. Now, you don’t have to understand your cooker but the cooker has to understand you. Your rice cooker will ‘adjust’ as per you and your wishes. Isn’t that great? Well, having used one for almost a year, I can tell you that it is the greatest thing you can lay your hands upon to cook your favorite rice.

Working of the Cooker:

The Fuzzy Logic cooker comes with a fuzzy logic chip which instead of understanding the terms such as ‘rice is cooked’ and ‘reheat cycle done’; works according to the human behavior and comprehends ‘rice is almost done’ and ‘slight reheat is over’.

This makes the machine intelligent. The power consumption, rice cooking, steaming, sensing the texture as per the input provided by the user; makes the fuzzy logic rice cooker an unbeatable kitchen appliance. There is a micro-computer in the device that lets the machine control the temperature, time of cooking etc as per the type of rice you are cooking or any other thing such as stew, soup, and porridge etc.

Apart from that, you can regulate a lot of other things too.

This means that the rice cooking with a hell lot of other new and exciting options. You can now get the rice texture you love the most and that too in a totally new and different way. Such as now you can have the slightly more cooked rice, normal cooked rice, softer texture etc. by cooking rice in the fuzzy logic rice cooker. Thus, the fuzzy logic rice cooker makes the cooking intelligent as well as near to the human understanding.

The precise temperature fluctuations, adjustments in the cooking parameters, understanding of the user requirements and the perfect translation of the same in the machine features, make the fuzzy logic rice cookers the most intelligent device available in the market these days as well as the perfect rice cookers. Other functionalities in the fuzzy logic cookers are ‘quick cool cycle’ and ‘keep warm’ etc. Various types of rice which can be cooked in these cookers are brown rice, porridge rice, white rice, sushi rice, sweet rice and mixed rice etc. You are also able to cook sticky rice texture, wet rice, soft and hard rice etc.

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