Vegan Fest Alicante



ConferencesIn Vegan Fest, we have great speakers. You can not miss the following talks that are scheduled:

1. Ocean Issues – Introduction to the importance of ocean conservation and the problem of overfishing in Europe.
2. Raw food and sport – You can see how you can perform better in the sports through veganism.
3. The Vegan Myth – This talk will give an overview of the history of the vegan movement, at the same time demystify prejudices against Vegetarians.


And if you want to dance, it’s best to get close to our concerts.


Vegan stallsAnimal lovers can come to buy the stands and learn about the different associations that protect DDAA. Those who consume organic and locally grown products can shop in our market and also discover new products that respect the environment. There will be food stalls too to delight the palate with vegan delicacies.

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